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Ideally for kids ages 9-12

Small Changes Now Create a Future of Bright Smiles

There’s a common misconception that orthodontic treatment should wait until a child’s baby teeth are gone or when all their adult teeth are in. However, starting early—even while your child still has baby teeth—can be a wise decision because it helps make space for their adult teeth to come in smoothly, preventing future dental issue

5 Reasons to Start Your Child’s Invisalign Treatment Now


Clear Aligners vs. Metal Braces: Here's Why Invisalign Is The Best Choice for Your Child

When it comes to straightening your child’s teeth, Invisalign offers clear advantages over metal braces. Invisalign treatment requires fewer appointments, saving time and reducing office visits. Additionally, it is more comfortable, boosts confidence with its virtually invisible design, and promotes better dental health.
Effectively treats a wide variety of cases, including crowding, spacing, crossbite, overbite, and underbite.
Gently guide your child's teeth into place for that confident, straight smile.
Allows your child to enjoy their favorite foods without restrictions.  
Offers the flexibility to remove the aligners for special occasions or when needed.  
Provides your child with teeth-straightening that's so discreet, it's barely noticeable, boosting their self-esteem.  
Simplified oral hygiene, enabling your child to brush and floss with ease for healthier gums and teeth.  
Created from smooth, comfortable plastic to avoid irritation to your child’s cheeks and gums, unlike traditional metal braces.  
Limits dental check-ups to every four to six weeks, making it easy to fit into your family's bustling schedule.